Calming Canyon Massage

60 Minutes  |  $150

90 Minutes  |  $225

60 Couples  |  $300

90 Couples  |  $450

This Swedish-style massage uses light to medium pressure to improve circulation, calm the mind and relax the body.


*Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full service fee.

A 22% service charge will be applied to all treatments.

Deep Dive Massage

60 Minutes  |  $160

90 Minutes  |  $240

60 Couples  |  $320

90 Couples  |  $480

This massage uses firm to deep pressure to release muscle tension and increase mobility.

Prenatal Massage 

60 Minutes  |  $160

Using therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be helping minimize stress and promote relaxation.

Thermal Mineral Wrap

60 Minutes  |  $175

Starts with a full-body dry brushing, followed by an espresso-limon body oil that stimulates circulation. Then a warming thermal cream is applied and wrapped while receiving a face and scalp massage.

Beach Recovery

60 Minutes  |  $160

Starting with a hydrating aloe elixir 

throughout the body, followed by a seaweed facial mask, a scalp massage of tea tree and coconut oil, then finished with a foot exfoliaton.

Coastal Stone Massage

75 Minutes  |  $190

Featuring a combination of hot and cold stones to relieve tension and reduce inflammation.

30-Minute Massage

30 Minutes  |  $80

This mini massage allows you to choose a specific area that you’d like worked on.

Deep Sleep

30 Minutes  |  $75

This treatment uses a brushing of hot oil to slow the heart rate and relax the body to encourage deep sleep. Perfect for those experiencing jet lag.

Beach Feet

30 Minutes  |  $65

Includes a white-sand-and-salt scrub to polish rough soles, followed by an reflexology massage.

Soothing Scalp

30 Minutes  |  $65

This focussed neck-and-shoulder massage followed by an extended scalp massage will leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

Foot Bath


Arrive 20 minutes prior to your service and begin your day of relaxation with a warm foot soak.

Mobile Spray Tan


A bronzing customized glow.

Hot Stone




Dry Brush  

15 Minutes  | $25

Targets specific areas to soothe muscle tension

Includes take-home dry brushes

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